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Standard Pillows

Standard Pillows
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  1. We do Supply these Pillows to hotel chain, Retail stores, these Pillows are a phenomenal decision for those searching for an amazing, manufactured, non-allergenic pillows for hotel Quality.

  2. -14% egyptian cotton pillow

    Our selective Egyptian Cotton Pillow is hollow fiber filled with extravagance Egyptian Cotton cover. The Egyptian cotton make you feel delicate on your skin and feel comfortable relaxed all night

  3. if you are searching for soft bounce back pillows that holds its loftiness wash after wash – then our Bounce Back pillows are ideal for you Find.

  4. Comfortable Pillow Filled with our finest smooth hollow-fibres, encased in an extravagant, simple care cotton and polyester mixed Outer cover for extra Comfortable

  5. -17% Guest House pillow Guest House pillow
    Satin Stripe pillow is created for Guesthouses and hotels to make your guests special comfortable nights. Microfiber Satin Stripe pillows are filled with 100% Polyester and are encased in a 100% Microfiber fabric cover with a luxury satin stripe finish.
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