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Kids Cot Beds Mattress

Supreme Bedding offer wide range of kids mattresses available in different sizes to buy online. This luxury mattress offers more support for your baby. We have two types of mattress.

Foam Mattress:-

 Our foam mattresses are made from superior grade high density foam giving excellent comfortable support for your toddler. The cover is removable and washable and is made from an air permeable anti allergenic hygienic material which does not contain any PVc.

Ultra Fibre Eco-Friendly Mattress:-

This New Eco-Friendly ultra fibre cot bed mattress features a non-woven polyester core and a hypo-allergenic zip on cover which is quilted. The polyester core is made from 100% polyester and is used extensively in mattresses. The fibres are 100% recyclable, themselves being manufactured from PET polyester which means they meet human-ecological requirements. 

The finished fibre is non-allergenic, optically bright, washable, non-toxic making it extra breathable and eco-friendly.

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  1. Unlike foam, fibre is impervious to moisture, which means it will not retain moisture and its open porosity helps to maintain a constant temperature, ideal for babies and children.
  2. Kids Bed Storytime duvet cover set is printed on a polyester cotton blended fabric with easy care and soft finish layer. Make your kid's bedroom colorful with our exclusive design duvet cover
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